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Acostumbro comprar relojes usados y baratos para rescatar el tiempo que a nadie le importa ya.


De vez en cuando, mis anhelos se vuelven obsesiones. Uno de ellos, las conversaciones sinfónicas.


La poética es el arte -como posibilidad de singularidad- de escribir con el cuerpo.


In reality, no journey has a return. What we call return is nothing more than the illusion that we belong somewhere.


Empathetic syntax: being a text with others, occupying a place in encounters that gives correspondence to mutual experience.


What if anxiety were nothing more than the materialization of the failure of our limited expectations, the product of our inability to expand beyond our bodies, the result of living under the premise of authentic individuality?



With age, my father has reached a profusely poetic state. At 83 years old, he speaks of the future with nostalgia and the past with hope.



Life is like day, once night comes there is no turning back.



It is fascinating that the eye can experience the world without subjectivity of any kind. The eye can see everything except itself. It is this impossibility of becoming its own object from which the void, the nothingness, emerges. The eye is experience without subjectivity.



Pain has a greater impact on humanity than anger or fear. This is due to the illusory effect of identification that the ego has on the relationship between Self and Other through words. Breaking this fictitious pact is painful for some, liberating for others.



Love is the most obtuse authority to rebel against.


Loving is the first act of corruption that we learn in life.


Although we obsess with the opposite, every day we are leaving. Our foolishness does not allow us to renounce the future, however the true escape is in the present.




Of love, I'm left with this:


State of consciousness governed by a principle of non-intervention in the minds of others.



It is the books that choose us.



Knowing how to read also means knowing when to read poetry, when to read prose, when to read fiction, and when to read heaven.



Empathy does not consist in feeling like the other but in listening to the other without judgment.


It is to make listening a pure experience in which two apparently different lives merge.



A true liberation always involves loss but we were taught that only the careless, the foolish and the ungrateful lose [things].



The poet, no matter what age he dies, dies having said it all.



Human relationships based on illusory concepts tend to fail by not being able to satisfy their purpose or functional intentionality.


They are systems restricted by the fanciful logic of those who cling to them and not by the shared experience of two people.



I go through life giving people Words and they think I only want to say things.



Every disappointment is always  self disappointment.



People are obsessed with the idea of knowing how to arrive, of arriving on time, of simply arriving when what is really complicated is knowing how to leave.



It is not possible to identify where the present time is born, nor to identify when it dies.


And yet, we live in anguish thinking that our time is running out.

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